Naturopathic Institute – Course Schedules

Natural Health: Naturopathy Program

Massage Therapy: Therapeutic Practitioner Program

Doula Training: Holistic Doula Program

Course schedules for naturopathy students can be downloaded for your convenience.Natural Health Class Dates, 2020 to 2022
Schedules for Therapeutic Bodywork and Holistic Doula students can be downloaded.Massage / HDP Programs Class Dates, 2019 – 2021

Classes Rescheduled Due to COVID-19

We know our students are of exceptional quality – committed, passionate, open-minded, responsible learners. We know that they persevere with grace, and their actions are becoming of professional naturopaths, holistic doulas, and therapeutic bodywork practitioners.We want you to know that we remain committed to you and your goals for program completion. In the midst of this unprecedented pandemic, we stand ready to implement a plan of action that will continue to provide a high-level of learning. We have been working out a new schedule keeping the availability of instructors, materials, resources, and student workloads in mind.The new schedule will allow all students to finish their programs in a timely manner! All classes that were postponed will be rescheduled. Thank you for the incredible patience and grace you have shown as we continue to work through this intensive scheduling task. In April, we stopped face-to-face instruction. We have not been able to offer the quality of program, level of instruction, and the hands-on requirements mandated by the State as well as our accreditation bodies for our programs, in a face-to-face environment. We cannot, in good faith, offer a substitute learning format that would lower our standards nor meet the requirements of our academic oversight boards. While we have been out of school for approximately 45 days at the time of this writing, it is only understandable that the student’s specific program end date will be extended at least 45 to 60 days for students to successfully complete the program that was interrupted. Of course, this is all contingent on Executive Orders and their ending dates.The Institute is looking forward to getting back into session as soon as we can and welcoming you all back to class. Continue to look at the Website: for updates, and we will continue to communicate through emails. Attending Dr. Baker’s Saturday morning 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. online discussions are strongly encouraged. Please keep an eye out on your student email for invitations to these online discussions.Please feel free to contact us through email at: or by calling the office at (989) 773-1714.