Therapy Room Policy

Therapy Room Policy

For guests staying in the housing facilities, equipment/therapies available free of charge in the Therapy Room is the Magnetic Bed and the Migon Bed  The Vibe machines located in the hallway between the store and the waiting room are also available free of charge. If you would like to use any of the therapy room equipment, please set up a time with the store staff.

Become a “Professional” Massage Volunteer

After you graduate from NITE, you may want to consider becoming a “professional” massage volunteer!  Think of how important feedback would be from a professional in your field of study.  If you would like to become a “professional” volunteer after you graduate, speak to a staff member in the Herbs Etc store.

Herbs Etc and You

As a student of NITE, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all products at Herbs Etc, the store adjoining the institute in Mt. Pleasant, and with permission from the director, may be able to keep a running tab for snacks purchased throughout the weekend.  You may also be able to qualify for a 20% discount on Nature’s Sunshine products Herbs Etc stocks herbal remedies, homeopathics, books, massage supplies, healthy snacks, essential oils, flower remedies, and more!