Closed Thursday November 25 through Sunday November 28. Regular hours of operation starts Monday the 29th.

Dress Code

Dress Code

Herbs Etc is still in business on Friday and Saturday. Clients are coming and going all day long.  You, as a student, represent our school and the store as well. It is your responsibility to act, talk and dress professionally. Therefore, everyone will be required to wear their program’s dress code:

Massage Therapists: Collared shirts will be provided for you. They will be ordered after the first class and distributed during Lab #1 class approximately two weeks later. They should be paired with pants (khakis, cotton slacks, but no jeans), socks and closed-toed shoes or tennis shoes.  You should wear your shirts each weekend you are in class or lab.

For everyone this means:

  • No flip flops, or sandals without toes
  • No leggings for pants
  • No short skirts
  • No jeans
  • No cleavage
  • No glutes showing
  • No shorts
  • No bare midriffs

Consequences for not adhering to the dress code will result in one warning, and the offense will need to be corrected by the next class break that day.  A second warning will result in your dismissal from school for that weekend.

Dress as if you were coming to work – professionally!