Due to the Governor's extension of the Stay Home Stay Safe Executive Order, the Naturopathic Institute will be closed through June 12th.
All classes impacted by the order will be rescheduled. Please read more


Extended Learning Opportunities

Saturday Seminars

Finished your Program, but still hungry to learn? Want to develop your skills in specific topics? Join us for Saturday Seminars to stay current with the latest naturopathic information and continue to grow.

Naturopath Contact Information

Looking for a naturopath in a specific area? Let us point you to a NITE Alumni. If you are an Alumni and would like to be added to this list, please call us at (989) 773-1714 or email us at contact@naturopathicinstitute.info.
    1. Continuum Healing Micah McLaughlin, N.H.P. Grand Rapids, MI (616) 322-8147
    2. Ducharme Chiropractic Linda Sweet, N.D. Detroit, MI
    3. Elder & Sage Kathryn Doran-Fisher, N.D. Grand Rapids, MI (616) 242-1355
    4. Epiphany Health Julia L. King, N.D. Milford, MI (East of Brighton) (248) 408-2661
  1. Great Lakes Naturopathy Candy Chamberlain, N.D. Traverse City, MI (231) 929-7250
  2. Hawthorn & Violet Naturopathy Rebecca Culley-Healey, ND 1024 N LeRoy, Fenton, MI 48430 Hawthornandviolet.com (810) 569-6820
  3. Health Connection Joan Prentice, N.D. Petoskey, MI (Northeast Michigan) (989) 916-5293
  4. Health Harmonized Ylona Hartford, N.D. 872 S Grove St Standish, MI 48198 contact@healthharmonized.com HealthHarmonized.com (734) 480-8240
  5. Healthy, Naturally! Jan Doerr, N.D. Standish, MI (989) 798-8557 Bay City, MI (989) 684-9701
  6. Health Wanted LLC Offers: Biofeedback and Rife Therapy Flower Essences Energy Work Health Coaching Supplements Reflexology Amy Graham ND 105 S. Pearl St. Tecumseh, MI 49286 (517) 423-3600 Health-Wanted.com
  7. Holistic Approach Johali Lopez, N.D. 5600 W. Maple Rd. West Bloomfield, MI 48322 (248) 346-2277
  8. Michelle Barber, N.D. Freeport, MI (Hastings, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids) (616) 717-1950
    1. Natural Essence Kellie Speciale, N.D. Oakland Twp, MI (north of Detroit/Rochester Hills) (586) 292-9902
    2. Natural Rhythms Laura Allmacher, C.N. Lansing, MI (517) 420-0806
    3. Nia Aguirre, N.D. Ann Arbor & Jackson, MI (734) 883-7513
    4. Nichole’s Naturopathics Nichole Paquin Ann Arbor & Jackson, MI (734) 216-7564
    5. Teri Lukas A New Out Look McConnels, SC (803) 684-9160
    6. The House of Healthy Living Arlene Heter, C.N. Rochester, MI (North of Detroit) (248) 651-0438
    7. The Indigo Forest: Natural Family Specialty Store Beth Barbeau Ann Arbor, MI (734) 994-8010
  1. Wise Woman Natural Health Center Helen Kociba 810 E. Ashman Street Midland, MI 48642 Phone: (989) 488-8660 www.wisewomannaturalhealth.com Facebook: Wise Woman Natural Health Center
  2. Vibrant Health Naturally Beth Hansen 4087 N Sheridan Rd Stanton MI 48888 (989) 330-3293 vibranthealthnaturally@yahoo.com VibrantHealthNaturally.net Facebook: Vibrant Health Naturally Office Hours by Appointment Monthly Classes on various natural health topics.
  3. Zimmerman Clinton LMT CN ND 17895 18 Mile Rd, Big Rapids, MI 49307 Phone: (231) 796-9405