Lending Library

Naturopathic Institute’s Lending Library

Students are invited to use the Naturopathic Institute’s Lending Library, filled with a number of books on natural health and the art of natural healing. Learn how to improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in an all-natural way. What could be better? A wealth of knowledge and wisdom is at your fingertips, leading you down the right path to living a naturally healthy lifestyle.

Naturopathy has never been explored and understood more than it is today, so why not pick up a book when you have time, and learn how to feel better in an accessible way that works best for you. When you’re here for a weekend of class, browse through the numerous resources stocking our library shelves, then take one home with you for awhile.

The Lending Library can be found at the Embassy of Life Mastery location, found at 5410 S. Vandecar Rd, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858