Homework FAQ

Directed Studies (Homework) Questions

…Getting your facts straight

  • Your homework should be in a folder designed to keep the papers held in securely (not a manila folder).
  • You must have a “Directed Study Sheet” filled out and in the folder clearly indicating the name of the class and your name.
  • If submitted in person, the homework must be time-stamped by a staff member at NITE. If mailed, it will be stamped upon receipt.

Homework is due within 30 days for the therapeutic bodywork practitioner students, or 60 days for natural health and Holistic Labor Companion students from the Sunday of the class. However, you can turn in your homework before the due date!

Yes. This is designed to help you progress with your research. Late fees are assessed the same as late directed studies/homework.

On or before the due date, you must submit an extension form with the $50 fee. This will also be time-stamped. You are only allowed two extensions – for a total of $100. After the second extension date, you will be required to retake the class, for $100.

Yes, on every due date you must turn in either the completed homework OR an extension form(up to two submissions) with $50 fee.

All homework must be complete when turned in.

No. Faxed homework will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Yes. Please call the administration office to schedule some time with one of our available tutors. Tutors are also available by phone and by e-mail.