Nia-Avelina Aguirre

Nia-Avelina Aguirre, CN, ND, WMM

Nia-Avelina Aguirre, CN, ND, WMM, has been passionately sharing and integrating the timeless wisdoms of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, energy therapies, and movement arts throughout her extensive career. She is a board certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor and has a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine from Eastern Michigan University. Additionally, Nia is an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant, Marma Point Practitioner (Ayurvedic Acupressure), and Wholistic Manual Medicine Practitioner. Her Ayurvedic studies have been with the highly regarded and respected Dr. Vasant Lad, founder of The Ayurvedic Institute. Since 1983, Nia has been honored to teach, present, and consult with the community, public and private schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, non-profits, and private clients.

Besheen Baker, ND

Bessheen Baker, ND

Bessheen Baker, ND,the Founder of NITE, has a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and a Doctor of Naturopathy. Her areas of interest include Iridology, Sclerology, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Herbology, Homeopathy, Essential Oils and Meridian Body Work. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the field, Bessheen is in high demand as a motivational speaker and has spoken throughout the country on natural health. She brings a lot of energy and humor into the classroom and always finds a way to fit more into your brain than you thought possible!

 Lori Becker, CN

Lori Becker, CN, ND

Lori Becker, CN, ND, is a board certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor who has had extensive training in Polarity Therapy and has earned a Permaculture Design Certification. Her interest in creating sacred space with healing gardens has led to the design and development of two large-scale sacred geometry gardens. Currently seeing clients and teaching community classes in Marysville, Ohio, Lori is dedicated in service to humanity through the higher principles of healing and assists her clients in finding the root cause of their illness and alongside them, walks the path of ongoing self-work needed for vital health. As a founding member of the Embassy of Life Mastery, she appreciates the golden thread that weaves together and through all forms of spirituality; she believes in the healing power that God has bestowed upon us and within Nature, creating the most optimal environment for our body, as a temple, to thrive. Lori’s passion resides in applying the powerful philosophy of gnosis, or soul-knowledge, and the Fundamental Laws of Nature to everyday life.

Abby Finney

Abby Finney, CN, ND

Abby Finney, CN, ND, is currently serving as the Academic Advisor and Directed Studies Coordinator at the Naturopathic Institute. In 2017, she graduated as a Certified Naturopath from the Institute’s four-year program. She has also taken all of the doula courses offered at the Institute. Abby has a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from Central Michigan University and a Master’s degree from Kansas State University in public health with an emphasis in nutrition. She enjoys working in the fields of higher education and natural health. Abby finds it very rewarding to work closely with students, helping them with academic planning, organizational skills, and generally managing life while in college or completing their studies in a life-changing program.

Amy Jo Howard

Amy Jo Howard, CH, CN, ND

Amy Jo Howard, CH, CN, ND, and Director of Education, is a Certified Homeopath and board certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor. She also has a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University in English. Her love for communication, people, and the body’s ability to heal itself led her to formally study the field of natural health. Amy enjoys specializing in Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Homeopathy, and Colon Hydrotherapy as well as being a Certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator. A good listener and knowledgeable instructor, Amy teaches students how to blend such qualities to enhance their skills and how to apply the principles of naturopathy in practical ways to benefit each student and the clients whom they will inspire and educate as they move forward in this field.

Tanisha Kingsbury, CN, ND

Tanisha Kingsbury, CN, ND

Tanisha Kingsbury, CN, ND, was introduced to natural health at the age of seven and pursues her passion in this field, especially in nutrition, to this day. She moved to Michigan after meeting her husband, and they have two crunchy kids and live in the Olivet area. Since becoming a board certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor, she opened her own health clinic, Health Simplified, in 2016. As someone who personifies holistic health, Tanisha is an enthusiastic, well-spoken, and inspiring motivator. She enjoys gardening, camping, foraging, and herbal medicine making. To both her students and clients, Tanisha is a positive force for igniting transformation and helping people to learn and make a difference in their health.

 Helen Kociba, N.D., CHBD.

Helen Kociba, ND, CHBD

Helen Kociba, ND, CHBD, is a board-certified traditional Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Birth Doula, and owner of Wise Woman Natural Health Center in Midland, Michigan, where she provides health assessments including Live Blood Analysis, a Nutrigenomic Assessment including genetics/epigenetics, and a full Woman’s Work Up where additional DUTCH testing is available. She has witnessed the miracle of birth for over 20 years as well as practiced as a Naturopathic Doctor for over 5 years. Her passion is found in guiding women through each cycle of their life, from Maiden, to Mother, to Wise Woman. As an Instructor, one of her main missions is to help her students understand how beautiful life can be at its very beginning and very end and every stage in between! Helen makes each class fun by sharing unique stories and imparting the beauty and wonder on both ends of this primal journey with love and great wisdom.

Priscilla Kurash

Priscilla Kurash, LMT

Priscilla Kurash, LMT, moved to the Mount Pleasant, Michigan, area a few of years ago via Wisconsin and Canada. In the Spring of 2015, Instructor Kurash completed the Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner program at the Naturopathic Institute. Instructor Kurash has honed her skills and knowledge by both practicing at the Herbs Etc store, as well as, at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort Spa.

Instructor Kurash joined the team of instructors in 2020, which has fulfilled a dream for her. One technique that Instructor Kurash uses to hone her skills and further her education is that she gets a massage every time she travels somewhere. She was born to travel, and her experiences of around the world massages are in full effect. When you see her, ask her where she’s been and how her travel list is coming along!

Instructor Kurash is currently teaching in Labs for the Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner program, as well as, the Beginning Bodywork and Advanced Bodywork classes in the Natural Health program at the Institute.

Barbara Nurenburg

Barbara Nurenburg, CN, ND

Barbara Nurenburg, CN, ND, received her certification as a Naturopathic Doctor from the NITE. She attended Blue Heron Academy, where she received her National Certification as a Medical Massage Therapist as well as completing and receiving her certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Barbara’s passion lies in educating herself and empowering others to learn how to allow the body to heal itself using natural means through the Holistic approach. She applies her years of education and training and believes in educating each person as an individual, designing a specific plan unique to them.

Nicole Paquin

Nicole Paquin, CN, ND

Nicole Paquin, CN, ND, is a graduate of NITE. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in social psychology and psychology from Western Michigan University. Nicole has a passion for researching and learning how to protect, combat, and heal from toxins using naturopathic modalities. Her motto is: “There is always a natural solution even if we don’t know it yet.” Finding it both challenging and exciting to shine a light into the not-so-pleasant areas of our world, her goal is to encourage and empower students of naturopathy to do the same. Through the classes she teaches, Environmental Toxins I and II and the History of Naturopathy, Nicole guides students as they delve into environmental challenges and discover the many wonderful ways nature has and continues to provide for us.

Suzy Sikora, ND

Suzy Sikora, ND

Suzy Sikora, ND, is a certified traditional naturopathic doctor, consulting hypnotist, eclectic herbalist, and owner of Sustainably Well, LLC. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Flint, in addition to NITE. She teaches both private and free public classes on a variety of health and healing topics throughout the year at the Flint Farmer’s Market and conducts a four-month introduction to an herbal medicine program each year. She provides private consultation at her office in the historic Paterson Building in downtown Flint.

Teri Straus, BS, MS, LMT

Teri Straus, BS, MS, LMT

Teri is the Academic Advisor and is here to work with all current students at the Naturopathic Institute with their academic needs! Teri is also the lead instructor for the Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner program and specializes in therapeutic massage, emphasizing deep tissue, myofascial release, lymphatic drain and reflexology.


Teri has served 20 years in the US Army as an Engineer Officer and has earned a BS degree in Civil Engineering and an MS in Construction Management. After retiring from the US Army, Teri returned to her hometown of Beal City and started the Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner program at the Naturopathic Institute.

Now, Teri has chosen to continue helping others by becoming the Academic Advisor at the Naturopathic Institute in addition to her instructor role where she will continue to support students in meeting their goals and accomplishing their dreams!

You can reach Teri Straus at the Institute by email: contact@naturopathicinstitute.org. Ensure the Subject Line is as follows: Academic Advisor. She can also be reached at (989) 773-1714, Ext. 45.

Corey Winters

Corey Winters, ND

Corey Winters ND is a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor at Thrive On Life, in Brighton, who utilizes Morphogenic Field Technique and various other forms of energetic testing. She also specializes in Holistic Nutrition, Iridology, Herbology, Essential Oils and Frequency and Light Healing. Corey started her professional journey at Clayton College, where she graduated in Holistic Nutrition. She later went on to graduate from the Naturopathic Institute as a Certified Naturopath. Corey is also nationally board certified as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Clinton Zimmerman

Clinton Zimmerman ND, CTN, LMT, BFRP

Clinton Zimmerman ND, CTN, LMT, BFRP, earned his Doctor of Naturopathy in 2001. Clinton has worked in natural health retail since 1994, and has extensive knowledge using live and dry blood analysis. Having had extensive continuing education in the field of natural health and bodywork modalities, he specializes in myofascial release (John Barnes technique) and cranial sacral (Upledger technique) while using other hands-on modalities such as trigger point, reflexology, light healing touch, meridian work, anatomy trains, access bars, acupressure, sound, and energy work in his bodywork therapy sessions. Along with working with clients, Clinton owns and operates Red Fox Market, an independent, local, natural foods grocery market. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his partner and pets, traveling, gardening, learning other languages, reading, listening to podcasts or audiobooks, bicycling, and creating performance art.

Clinton Zimmerman

Dr. Stacy Eding

Dr. Stacy Eding is a graduate of the class of 2017 from the Naturopath program offered at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. Prior to becoming a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor she worked as a nurse for 15 years. It was her own health journey that lead her to seek out natural health, knowing there had to be another way. Dr. Eding’s passion is helping people find emotional, energetic and physical balance in their body and their day-to-day life. In her own practice, Natural Balance and Fitness, she helps clients discover what patterns may be no longer serving them. She is from the Fruitport area.