Naturopathic School – Pennsylvania

Naturopathic School – Pennsylvania

Quick Read

The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education is proud to open registration to Pennsylvania residents. We have had over 100 graduating classes from our holistic health education programs:

  • Natural Health
  • Massage Therapy
  • Doula Training

When you’re dealing with the health of others, you must know what you’re doing. Look at some of the reasons you can trust Naturopathic over the rest:

  • Trusted Teaching Since 1995
  • Meaningful Instructor/Student Ratio
  • Accredited by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board

If you have any other questions, you can fill out our online form to request more information. You can also call us at (989) 773-1714.

The Naturopathic Institute has been helping people along their holistic health journey since 1995. We’ve trained countless students to care for themselves and others using natural techniques. If you are a Pennsylvania resident, we offer comfortable accommodations for all out-of-state students. Our priority is helping you achieve your natural health goals.

Our Programs

We have given students the option to choose between three different paths of study based on their interests. We’ve spent nearly 20 years perfecting these courses:

  • Natural Health: This extensive four-year program provides students with training to become experts in natural health. After each year, a new accreditation is given until the course is complete.
  • Massage Therapy: Our therapeutic bodywork program will put you on the path to mastering massage therapy. After completing the 12-month course, you can apply to become a fully licensed massage therapist.
  • Doula Training: If you want the skills to help mothers from pregnancy through the early infancy stages of becoming a parent, doula training is right for you. You will spend seven months learning to assist with natural childbirth at home and in a hospital.

No matter where your journey takes you, the Naturopathic Institute can help you get there. Our three courses have been crafted over the decade to provide the best natural health education available.

Accommodations at the Naturopathic Institute

While it is true that we’ve based ourselves in Michigan, we have full accommodations for our Pennsylvania students. All out-of-state students are provided accommodations during their weekend classes. In addition, we have partnered with a local hotel to handle any overflow.

You can reserve your room during enrollment for an entire year, or reserve it on an as-needed basis. Best of all, you will only be charged $85 per weekend, no matter where you stay.

Request Information and Consider Enrolling

For the past 20 years, The Naturopathic Institute has helped countless students learn the ins and outs of natural health. Our instructor-to-student ratios make it possible for everyone to get the quality education they deserve. We are happy to open our doors to Pennsylvania and other out-of-state students.

Call us at (989) 773-1714 with any questions, or fill out our online form for more information.