Clinic Days

Spend a day observing and working alongside Founder and Director or Education, Bessheen Baker, while actively stepping into your role as a naturopathic practitioner. Team up with a fellow student and spend 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a Thursday or Friday working intimately with one client for a one-day Healing Clinic. You will be able to practice what you have already learned in your classes and learn new forms of evaluation and therapies.

This training qualifies as internship hours for your Naturopathic Program.

You will assist clients in a variety of thorough evaluations that could include Biological Age Assessment (which tells how old your body feels), live blood analysis (looking at your blood cells under a dark field microscope), iridology, sclerology, voice analysis, tongue, face, and nail analysis, and more. You then will have the opportunity to assist in creating a plan of recommended therapies and facilitate the therapies with the client; such as: various forms of bodywork, such as massage, craniosacral, neurological organizational technique, magnets and polarity therapy, and therapies in the Therapy Room like the infrared sauna, color therapy, sound therapy, the Migun massage bed, and others.

What an exciting way to meet new people, work within the natural health field, and be able to use all of the skills that you have been so excited to share!

Sign up now for your Clinic Days by calling Herbs etc at (989) 773-3636. There is a limit of 6 interns per Clinic Day.