Additional Natural Health Learning Opportunities

Additional Natural Health Learning Opportunities

The Naturopathic Community Center offers many learning opportunities for students, alumni and the community to create an environment that teaches and increases awareness of natural health.

Our naturopathic classes offer the opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge that will improve their lives in a meaningful way. Not only do we teach natural health techniques and practices, but we also help people take control of their lives through natural, healthy living. The Naturopathic Community Center is dedicated to educating the public about natural health.

Tuesday Teachings

Take part in free classes on Tuesday evenings that will get you motivated about natural health! Each class will present a different topic that welcomes thought and discussion among community members. All classes are facilitated by a Natural Health Therapist or Practitioner and is held on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30 p.m., in one of the classrooms at the Institute.

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Healthy Eating Classes

Once a month, spend your Tuesday evening at the Naturopathic Community Center Kitchen for our healthy eating classes! Whether you’re an amateur chef or a pro in the kitchen, these classes will teach you how to cook delicious, healthy meals! All classes start at 6 p.m. in the NCC Kitchen.

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6 Key Courses

The Naturopathic Community Center, offers the “6 Key Courses” open to the public. The 6 Key Courses dive into the main six keys of one’s personal holistic health: Thrive: Learning True Health, Nourish: You Are What You Eat, Discern: Personalizing Your Program, Strengthen: Empowering the Body to Heal, Harmonize: Discovering Mental/Emotional Component, and Excel: Understanding How to Achieve Vibrant Health. Classes are $10 each or $60 for the day-long Saturday class covering all six keys in one day.

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ELM Classes

ELM classes are a series of personal holistic health classes offered by the Naturopathic Community Center. These classes, which are also open to the public, delve deeper into the teachings and topics of energy, protection, alignment, and alchemy. We offer a myriad of both classes and overnight retreats centered around topics such as Energy Enhancement, Making Chembusters for Protection from Chemtrails, Esoteric Anatomy of Man, and more.

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Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for Naturopaths and LMTs

Keep your licenses up-to-date with continuing education credits from the best naturopathic learning center in Michigan. The Naturopathic Institute, accredited by the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board, is an approved provider of continuing education credits for both the naturopath and the massage therapist, and we provide weekend classes that work with your busy schedule.

Students who require continuing education credits need to contact the school directly to find out how to enroll in an individual course and to make sure that the course they are enrolling in meets their licensure requirements.

Individual course registration forms can be downloaded here.