Holistic Doula Training Program

Here at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education, we offer a Holistic Doula Training Program, led by Dr. Helen Kociba, a board-certified, traditional Naturopathic doctor, who teaches three courses: Miracle of Pregnancy, Miracle of Birth and Miracle of the Newborn & Postpartum.

This seven-month training program is designed to prepare students in assisting the mother, either in-home or in a hospital setting, in the process of natural childbirth. The Holistic Doula program includes seven classes and a final exam.

Not looking for a full diploma? A series of three classes can be taken to earn a certificate. These classes are the Miracle of Pregnancy, Miracle of Labor and Birth, and Miracle of the Newborn and Postpartum. Students who earn a certificate will be able to assist the mother and midwife/doula through the pregnancy, birth and early infancy phases. These classes are schedule approximately every six months. Students may join in the program at any time, taking classes according to the current and printed schedule.



Beginning Essential Oils

This class will better prepare students in assisting the mother through the emotional and spiritual experiences of pregnancy, birth and childrearing. Students learn how to use oils to stimulate or reduce contractions, ease the pain of childbirth and offer welcoming aromas to the newborn baby. Students will also learn how to use flower remedies to help provide the birth mother with confidence, security and hope throughout the many phases of the birth process.

Herbs and Muscle Response Testing

In this class, you will gain a better understanding about the nutritional benefits of herbs, their identification and the proper use of these herbs in the birthing process. You will also learn to evaluate the client’s needs through muscle testing – a non-invasive technique.

Miracle of Birth

You have assisted the mother in maneuvering through her pregnancy, eating well and growing a unique little one. Now, her body begins to show signs it is ready for the next miracle – birth! This course will offer you an intimate look at the birth process in both the hospital and home setting where it is time for your role as a Holistic Doula to shine! Learn all of the ways you will be able to witness and be a part of this birth for your new clients. We will build a kit that is perfect for taking to births along with learning how to use each item skillfully.

Miracle of the Newborn and Postpartum

Happy Birthday, little one! Now that the baby has arrived safely, let’s offer the best, most natural care plan possible. In this course, you will discover the unique challenges that can affect birth along with the amazing ways a Holistic Doula can offer support through a Baby Care Plan. This is a class filled with education on breastfeeding and taking care of the postpartum mother and baby. We take an in depth look at C-section, mental emotional wellbeing, and all of the modalities that will guide mother and baby through this time, allowing them to feel balanced and healthy.

Miracle of Pregnancy

Holistic Doulas are second to none when it comes to the support and care they offer a mother throughout her pregnancy. This course features an evidence based approach on how to guide a woman into and through a healthy pregnancy. Here, you will learn about the importance of choosing a care team to help parents bring forth their perfect picture of birth. Both home and hospital births are explored as well as understanding how a Holistic Doula fits into the picture. You will gain knowledge on how to naturally support your clients using modalities that align perfectly with the growing baby and mother.


Proper nutrition is essential in the natural birthing process. In this class, learn about the importance of balance in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, proper foods to be combined, the difference between processed and unprocessed food, and the proper use of vitamins and minerals.

Final Exam

In order to gain certification and become a Holistic Doula, students must pass a final examination, which includes written and oral exams and a practical demonstration of skills.