Massage Therapists in Dexter, MI

Massage Therapists in Dexter, MI

Posted 6/11/2021

💜Body Wisdom is hiring!💜

We would love to add another licensed therapist to our team! Looking for someone who would like to join a team of experienced and gifted healers. We would love to meet you. We are looking to hire ASAP! We have the need for 2 full or part-time therapists.

We want to add some evenings and weekends and will work with you on a schedule that fits us both! You are an independent contractor and paid generously per appt.

We have been many new calls a day and a receptionist to help manage the phones and laundry.

Please email or call 734-424-2800.

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Body Wisdom Massage Therapy

Where: 8009 Main St. Dexter, MI 48130

Phone: 734-424-2800