Massage Therapist in Midland, MI (Swae Detox and Wellness)

Massage Therapists in Midland, MI

Posted 9/15/2021

We are located right on main street and offer many services including facials, massages, waxes, mani/pedis, energy work, etc. We currently have a staff of two massage therapists, four estheticians and two receptionists and are looking for another massage therapist to fill our staffing needs!

Each worker receives their own room to complete their services!

We are open Tuesday-Friday from 10a.m. to 5 p.m. with Monday and Saturday being by appointment only! Each staff member has the freedom to do their own scheduling and can decide which days and times they can and cannot work! We have a high demand for massage therapy in our space and need someone to take those appointments!

For more information you can call our front desk at (989)486-9960 or my cell at (989) 259-0045

Swae Detox and Wellness Spa

Where: 307 E. Main Street Midland, MI 48640

Phone: (989) 486-9960

Cell: (989) 259-0045

Facebook: @detoxandwellnessspa

Instagram: @swaespa