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Time for a new career? Doulas make a profound difference in women’s lives, while developing caring relationships and providing informed support during the childbearing year. While birthing is ancient work, the circumstances of modern birth have resulted in a growing demand for skilled doulas. Our Holistic Doula program provides you with the most advanced, evidence-based and experience-informed training on pregnancy, natural childbirth, postpartum and related natural health topics.

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NITE has developed our Holistic Doula training with the idea of educating highly capable and informed advocates of natural childbirth, experts who are well-prepared to be powerful assets to their clients on topics from pregnancy to birth to postpartum; doulas who will empower their clients to make informed choices that work for them and their families.

As the oldest Natural Health Institute in Michigan, NITE was also excited to provide the best doula training for extraordinary doulas who have a great deal more to offer their clients than the ‘usual certified doula.” Our doula services focus on helping the doula take their care to the next level by combining the public’s growing demand for natural childbirth support with their growing passion for natural health approaches.

Doula Certification in Michigan

While there are a variety of doula trainings currently available in the U.S., many doula programs consist only of a short weekend seminar, reading lists and a certification exam. NITE does understand that having a certificate has both meaning and market value; NITE doulas are awarded State of Michigan Certification. However, our doula training goes much farther than checking boxes for a piece of paper. We wish to empower you to make deep and lasting impacts on the lives of the mothers and families you touch!

What Does our Holistic Doula Training Include?

Birth is a complex topic and a significant life event; becoming a highly skilled and confident doula requires more than a weekend… fact, we invite you to spend SEVEN weekends with us over seven months! In our rich, varied, and practical learning environment, our students are taught by some of the best doula training experts who practice in doula services including:

•Essential Oils

•Herbology and Muscle Response Testing


•Labor and the Newborn

•Postpartum and the Newborn


NITE’s Doula training covers all aspects of supporting a clients’ healthy body, mind, and spirit in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, as well as the detailed nuances of providing hands-on support to the mother during the birthing process and postpartum recovery.

Certificate Program also available with just three classes required: Miracle of Pregnancy, Miracle of Labor and Birth, and Miracle of the Newborn and Postpartum. See Tuition information here.

Read detailed course descriptions for the holistic doula training program here.

What is a Doula and What do they Do?

The word ‘Doula’ is said to come from the Greek word for ‘with women.’ And indeed, historically, women nearing birth would be attended by their mothers, aunties and other female relatives who were experienced in natural childbirth themselves. Today, individuals hire a doula to help improve the birthing experience with their overwhelming positive and empathetic personality. Doulas now fill this role for modern birthing women who may not have such relatives nearby, or may need an educated advocate of natural birth in order to navigate the medical setting in which they are birthing.

Prenatal Doula

During pregnancy, the role as a doula is typically focused on answering questions and providing information. Moms often look to their doulas for helpful ideas regarding comfort measures during pregnancy, developing their natural childbirth plan, emotional support, medical advocacy, debriefing from past births and in-depth discussions on pain management and what other strategies that could be developed together during labor and birth. As per their doula services and natural health training, Holistic Doulas may also provide specific information to their clients on appropriate nutrition, aromatherapy, massage, homeopathy, herbal preparations and positioning during pregnancy to optimize their comfort and well-being.

Birth Doula

The longing to support women through the birth process is often what first draws us to become a doula, whether birth happens at home, birth center or hospital. Through labor and birth, doulas offer encouragement and a continuum of care to the mother and her partner, help facilitate good communication of their wishes/birth plan to the medical staff, and help labor progress through the use of positions and movements by the mother. Doula services do not play a medical role during labor and delivery, yet their vital practical and emotional support is often credited with less interventions and improved outcomes for mothers and babies.

Postpartum Doula Training

In the immediate postpartum, the postpartum doula continues a nurturing and supportive role as any medical procedures wrap up, and as the parents settle in to meet their baby and establish breastfeeding. In later days, the postpartum doula may visit to continue in the role as an educational resource as the questions come now about normal newborn behavior, bonding, the birth, the postpartum recovery period, lactation and more. Some doulas relish the opportunity for extended postpartum work with families that cover household support, temporary childcare, food preparation and other aspects of ‘keeping the household running’.

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula provides hands-on help, support and guidance to parents regarding healing from birth, family bonding, infant care, breastfeeding, emotional and physical recovery, nutrition, and more. The postpartum doula is available to help the new family with their many questions, to access community resources as needed, and to help navigate the first weeks and beyond. The doula services offered may specialize in this distinct time of a family’s life; a postpartum doula’s work is scheduled which allows the doula to avoid the irregular time demands of attending other births. With NITE’s comprehensive holistic doula training under their belt, a doula could also schedule prenatal consulting work, as well as return to attending other births.

What Kinds of Doula Jobs Are Out There?

There are many career opportunities for trained doulas in Michigan and around the country. Doula services can expand into a multitude of other doula jobs down the line. Doulas may work independently with their own clients or be part of small business collectives; some birth centers and hospitals are starting programs where natural health doulas are connected up with birthing families. Doula jobs are specific to the individual doula. Many doulas especially love the independence they have to shape their own career, in terms of geographic area, working hours and/or aspects of specialization.

Graduates from NITE have a full spectrum holistic doula training, empowering them to skillfully provide holistic prenatal consulting, labor and birth assistance, and/or postpartum care for the mother and child as part of their doula services.

Doula Training Michigan: How to Become a Doula

NITE is the only accredited natural health program in Michigan. We’ve been providing some of the best doula training since 1983. After learning our doula course, members have found professional, dependable, continuing doula jobs in natural health and natural medicine sectors.