Symbiosis Ranch Volunteer Opportunities

Symbiosis Ranch — Natural Sustainability

Students have the opportunity to gain internship hours for their program through hands-on learning at the Symbiosis Ranch. Help build everything from sacred geometry gardens to vegetable gardens, learn bio-dynamic prep and application for gardens, composting, and farm animal management.

Located in rural Mt Pleasant, The Symbiosis Ranch, in partnership with the Naturopathic Community Center, would like to present the opportunity to all those looking to “get back to the basics”. Designed for the sustainable living enthusiast at heart, we are constantly seeking willing volunteers to help with gardening, food preservation, animal husbandry, as well as sacred geometry care and maintenance.

Dependent on the weather and the assignments to be completed, work may be available for a single or several days out of the week. Stop by for yourself to refresh your mind, body, and soul or come as a group to learn and share in the beauty of the sustainable living basics!

Join us at the Symbiosis Ranch!

The Symbiosis Ranch is located at 1798 Wing Road in Mount Pleasant, MI. Please bring gloves, water, lunch, notebook, alongside comfortable boots in the event you end up working in the pastures! All volunteers should email to confirm their attendance in case there is a change in plans by the Ranch. All emails are checked 3x a week, not daily, so plan head and communicate your intentions as early as you can for best experience:

For more learning opportunities at the ranch, click the links below or visit the Symbiosis Ranch website.

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