NITE Natural Health Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2018

NITE Light is back for the summer! Nite Light is the quarterly newsletter for NITE, the Naturopathic Community Center (NCC) and Herbs etc. Not only do our newsletters give you tried-and-true information on how to have a healthier life, it will keep you updated on current natural health news going on in the world and within NITE, Herbs etc, and the NCC. Summer is here, the flowers have bloomed, and it’s time to start spending time outside again. Even though the sun has healing properties, the outdoors can still pose health risks. Read our newsletter to find out the latest summer health remedies and class happenings so you can strengthen your natural health knowledge.

What’s in the Newsletter?

  • Primitive/Survival Skills Course
  • Massage Bodies Needed! Professional Student Massage Client Application
  • Poison Ivy Remedies
  • 5G – A Quicker Way to Illness?
  • Top Allergy Products
  • Minerals for Brain Enlightenment
  • Naturopathic Community Center – Public Classes – Summer Schedule
  • Healthy Eating Classes
  • Free Tuesday Teachings
  • Your Dog’s Health Depends on You
  • Stay Connected
  • Herbal Boot Camp
  • Students… We Would Rather Pay You
We here at NITE, NCC and Herbs etc. want to thank our students, faculty, alumni, guests and customers for the support they give us. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to provide exceptional naturopathic education, services, and products that optimize and supplement the body’s health. We only get one body in our lifetime, so it’s worth it to take care of it and ensure it’s functioning the way we need it to. You can download NITE Light: Summer 2018 Quarterly Newsletter below.Contact NITEContact NCCContact Herbs etcSummer 2018 Quarterly Newsletter